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Paul Dolden

Paul Dolden begins his career at age 16 as a professional electric guitarist, violinist and cellist. Realizing the limitations of live performance, Mr. Dolden’s interests shift to contemporary modes of music production and dissemination. At age 29, he wins the first of a string of European awards that establishes him as a composer. Now the winner of over twenty international awards, Mr. Dolden’s music is performed in Europe and North America to wildly enthusiastic audiences.

In a career spanning over twenty years, Mr. Dolden has perfected his unique approach to audio technology, using it as a platform from which to launch or capture otherwise impossible musical performances. In this way, he makes his computer behave like a new, virtual orchestra and manipulates it with as much sensitivity as he would a traditional one. His compositions are characterized by a maximalist aesthetic in which hundreds of digitally recorded instrumental and vocal performances are combined in multiple layers.

Paul Dolden’s music has been described as the “missing link” between jazz and rock and the high-brow concert tradition. Critics have called it “music for the information age, enlisting noise, complexity and beauty in its quest for excess” and characterized it as “apocalyptic hyper-modernism”. The early works employ a unified approach to timbral and harmonic variation. Under the influence of post-modernism, Mr. Dolden’s concerns have shifted to include the juxtaposition and superimposition of disparate musical styles evident throughout the Resonance Cycle of works (1992-1996). Always working to surpass himself, the Twilight Cycle of recent years boldly investigates the forbidden fruit of contemporary new music – melody and dance rhythms.

He has three solo cds on empreintes DIGITALes

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