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Dr. Grant Davidson Ford

I am a composer and sound artist living in Dublin Ireland. I recently completed a PhD in Composition at the Sonic Arts Research Centre of Queen’s University Belfast where, under the tutelage of Professors Piers Hellawell and Michael Alcorn, I composed and analyzed spatial music for ensemble and mixed media. This portfolio includes works for orchestra, voices and large chamber ensemble, choir, vocal-octet and mixed instrumental-octet. All the scores incorporate space as a compositional element. A studio generated ambient soundtrack accompanies some of the pieces.

I completed a Masters in Composition with Donnacha Dennehy at Trinity College Dublin, creating a portfolio of compositions, and writing my dissertation on the creative practices of Steve Reich, Louis Andriessen and Arvo Pärt. At Concordia University in Montreal, I studied with Dr Rosemary Mountain, Dr Mark Corwin and Professor Andrew Homzy, practicing in instrumental, electroacoustic and jazz composition and theory.

I am a tenor vocalist and received classical training from Professor Winston Purdy at McGill University. Before entering post-graduate research, I was the lead-vocalist and a creative director for: NDG Modern Orchestra (Notre Dame de Grace), TRUST (The Real Uncut Spiritual Transit) and Twilight Rituals, as well as other urban-music ensembles in Toronto, London and Montreal. I have produced and appeared on numerous original recordings and was at one time signed to EMI Music Canada. My popular music has been performed and broadcast in North America, Europe, Russia and Japan.

My research interests include: music in a three-dimensional auditory field, expanded song-forms, modular and multi-narrative forms, harmonic and rhythmic composites, (polytonality, polymodality, polyrhythm, polymetre) integrated processes, deconstructive techniques, non-linear practices, pattern, sound texture complexion and auditory streaming, ambient soundtrack, found-sounds composition, sonic envelopment, mixed-media and cross-disciplinary performance, alternative performance environments, sound sculpture and installation, movement and musical metaphor, aural traditions, phonetic transcription, the re-contextualization of cultural iconography, creativity and unconscious mind.

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