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Eldad Tsabary

Eldad Tsabary is a Montréal based composer and sound artist whose music is inspired by the concepts of sound-mass, metamorphosis, and constant motion and often based on intercultural subject matter. His works have been played at Carnegie Hall, CCRMA, and ISCM among others and performed by The Bulgarian Philharmonic, Silvie Jensen, the Cygnus Ensemble, Haim Avitsur, and others. He is the winner of several prizes, including the Harbourfront Centre New Canadian Sound Work 2006, a third prize at ZKM’s competition Shortcuts:Beauty 2006, and a selection in Madrid Abierto’s Public Art Project Competition 2007. Eldad is a professor of electronic art-music at Concordia University in Montréal and an Artist Mentor for the MFA in New Media Program of the Transart Institute (Krems, Austria). His music has been released on ERMMedia, Capstone Records, New Adventures in Sound Art and JAZZIS among others and published by Editions BIM (Switzerland). He studied composition under David Loeb, David Del Tredici, David Olan, and Tim Brady and theory under Carl Schachter, Philip Rupprecht and Philip Lambert.

Dec. 2006

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