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Svetlana Maksimovic

SVETLANA MAKSIMOVIC (b. 1948), composer and musicologist, was born in Yugoslavia. After highschool (natural sciences and mathematics option) and attending the Music Conservatory, she studied composition and theory at the Academy (later Faculty) of Music with professor V. Mokranjac. She completed her Master's degree in Composition in 1977 at the University of the Arts, Belgrade.

Maksimovic took specialised courses in musicology between 1972 and 1980, mostly in Byzantine-Slavic Orthodox singing and Russian Orthodox singing of the 13th to 17th centuries. She became a recognized professor of Music at the Conservatory "K. Stankovic" , teaching harmony, counterpoint and composition for twenty years.

At the same time, Maksimovic wrote and published scientific papers on Serbian Orthodox singing (14th,15th century) and earned recognition at several International Musicological meetings in different European countries. Her compositions demonstrate two qualities, one universal, and another coming from her research into heritage. Both are evident in the final result.

Maksimovic earned her reputation as a composer in Yugoslavia (receiving numerous awards), where her music was being performed in concerts and recorded for radio programs. Coming to Canada at the end of 1993 she brought many of her works with her and continued writing and teaching. Her first Canadian commission came in October 1997, resulting in the orchestral work Light Approaching ,which premiered on March 13th 1998. Her internationally performed works include compositions for voice, solo instruments, a Sonata and a set of Variations for two pianos, a string quartet, and music for orchestra.


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