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Andrew Twa

Born December 13, 1919 just north of Wolsely, Saskatchewan, but spent pre-school years with paternal grandparents on farm in Ottawa Valley, Qu├ębec side. Moved September 1926 to Brandon Manitoba. Studied violin with Dr. R. Ainsworth, graduated from Brandon Collegiate Institute and worked for a time as clerk with Manitoba Telephone System before joining RCAF in 1941.

On discharge came to Toronto (September, 1946) to study at Royal Conservatory: violin and viola with Eli Spivak and composition with Godfrey Ridout and John Weinzweig. Taught violin for a time on staff while active as violist - CBC Wednesday Night, "Opportunity Knocks", CBC Opera, hotel dance bands and chamber music,and finally in Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

For various reasons, some personal and many economic, left music as a full-time career (1951) and joined public accounting firm (Ernst & Ernst) specializing in corporate tax, ultimately becoming manager of their tax department for Canada. In 1968 went into private consulting work and in 1969 established Berandol Music as successor to BMI Canada's publishing undertaking. Retired from accounting work in 1982 and shortly thereafter adopted Berlin as "alternative" home when son-in-law, Fergus McWilliam, joined Berlin Philharmonic under H. von Karajan. Serve with wife as "jet-set" baby-sitters.

Presently (1991) revising past musical compositions and committing them to computer disks, while writing new works. Uses tonality contextually when defining themes and free chromaticism combining themes into larger forms.

The family name "Twa" came to Canada in the mid 1600's as "Thouin" but was anglicized in the Ottawa Valley sometime around 1850 - to "touin" and then its present form. Since 1830 almost everyone up family tree (Ulster) Irish - "Moore", "Lusk", "Gibson", and "Kelley" with a "Foy" thrown in for good measure.

Unrepentingly, without choice, Canadian.


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