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Peter Allen

Peter Allen was born in Ottawa, Ontario on February 18, 1952, and moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1959. Allen's father, a professional musician, encouraged him to take piano lessons at the Royal Conservatory of Music. After High School, Allen enrolled in the School of Music at the University of Manitoba. He completed a Bachelor of Music in Composition studying with Robert Turner and Boyd MacDonald. Following the advice of Murray Adaskin, Allen pursued Graduate Studies in Composition at McGill University in Montréal, studying with Bruce Mather, Alcides Lanza and Bengt Hambraeus.

After touring as keyboardist with a showband from 1978-1980, Allen accepted a position as organist at St. Mary's Cathedral in Winnipeg. He founded the Manitoba Composers' Association and, with Jim Hiscott and Bruce Carlson, created the New Music Series "IZ Music". Allen frequently appeared in the Music Inter Alia Series as a composer and/or performer of his own music. Soon after, Allen began writing music for film and television commercials. From 1987 to 1988 he atttended both the University of Southern California and UCLA in Los Angeles to study film scoring techniques.

In 1989 Allen moved to Vancouver where he created Peter Allen Associates. He has composed music for the advertising and feature film industries. Allen produces most of his work in his downtown studio using a large MIDI lab and an acoustic recording studio.


Peter Allen Associates

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