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Clifford Ford

Clifford Ford was born in Toronto where he began his early studies with Eric Lewis and John Beckwith. His later studies, at the undergraduate and graduate levels were in Toronto, Montreal and the Netherlands with John Weinzweig, Istvan Anhalt, Bruce Mather, and Michael Keonig. He has received commissions from the Elmer Iseler Singers, Willis Noble, the CBC among others. He has recently been able to focus more on composition after a hiatus of almost 20 years while managing the Canadian Musical Heritage Society.

His compositional style has developed from an early interest in Webernesque dodecaphony and manipulation of sound objects to investigating post-modernism by seeking to re-engage the audience in the sound experience. His working closely with Canadian heritage music has influenced a number of works, including the Variations on Acadia (organ & string quartet), Variations on Davidson's Toronto, both based on early Canadian hymn tunes, and Fantasy on J.P. Clarke's "Summer and Winter". His Requiem for those who have died of AIDS was performed several times in the mid-1990s. His String Quartet 2002 was premiered by the Ottawa Chamber Society in the Winter of 2003.

With the Canadian Musical Heritage Society closing its doors in 2003 Clifford Ford Publications was established to continue offering the Society's publications as well as new publications of both heritage and contemporary Canadian music.

In 2010 Clifford Ford donated the rights and scores of the Canadian Musical Heritage Series to the CMC.


Visit Clifford Ford's website.

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