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Daniel Foley

DANIEL CHARLES FOLEY was born in Toronto in 1952. Initially self-taught as a composer, at 15 he became one of the earliest Canadian recipients of the Broadcast Music Inc. Awards to Student Composers. This distinction eventually brought him to the attention of the High School division of the North Carolina School of the Arts, with whose support his first theoretical and compositional studies took place, principally with Dr. Robert Ward, Pulitzer-prize winning composer of the opera The Crucible and later to become Chancellor of the School.

Upon graduation from the College of the School in 1974, Foley accepted a position as instructor of theory and history at NCSA until 1976, when an Ontario Scholarship returned him to his native city to pursue graduate studies at the University of Toronto under the supervision of John Weinzweig and Lothar Klein. In the course of his studies he was appointed a graduate assistant at the Faculty of Music and in the summers attended The Banff Centre for additional studies with Violet Archer, Serge Garant, Oskar Morawetz, Bruce Mather and Gilles Tremblay. The influence of these distinguished professors, particularly the Montréal school cast a formalist emphasis over his compositions of the 1970's.

In 1980 Foley joined the music department at the University of Guelph. As part of his teaching assignments, he began an autodidactic survey of ethnomusicology. This experience gradually transformed his music from the cerebral to a more humanist expressionism. As a result of this consolidation of his musical style, in 1986 he decided to leave the academic world altogether to devote more time to composition.

Mr. Foley has won numerous awards including the: Student Composer Award, Broadcast Music Inc., Northern Virginia Music Centre Summer Scholarships, Vittorio Giannini Composition Awards, North Carolina School of the Arts, Canada Council Short Term Grant, University of Toronto Fellowship, Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Banff Centre for the Fine Arts Scholarship, Creative Arts Award and the Canadian Federation of University Women. Recently in 1999, he won the Grand Prize in the Jan Vermulst Organ Competition in the Netherlands.

In addition, Mr. Foley is a program editor / assistant / webmaster for New Music Concerts, and a professional music copyist, editor and arranger.


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Daniel Foley

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