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Tomas Dusatko

TOMAS DUSATKO (b. 1952) received his musical training at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto, graduating with Bachelor and (on a Graduate Fellowship) Master of Music degrees in 1976. He undertook studies in composition with John Weinzweig, Lothar Klein, Oskar Morawetz and John Beckwith.

The works composed before 1980 tend toward a more rigourous intellectual approach to form and content than those written after 1980. All, however, demonstrate a sensitive concern with new timbric possibilities coupled with an inherent sense of lyricism. Also evident is an interest in historical connections, notably ideas derived from ancient Greece, the Baroque, etc. (Nomos Episodes). Each individual work has a distinct "soundscape" resulting from the consistent use and development of particular types of harmonic structures (e.g. chords built exclusively of 3rds and 2nds) and melodic material directly derived from such harmony. In this way, melody and harmony are closely integrated. Concise, distinct melodic ideas undergo thorough development (Melos).

While much of the aforementioned still applies to works composed after 1980, clearly evident is a gradual trend toward a more intuitive and dramatic style of expression (O Sancta Simplicitas) employing more traditional melodic and harmonic material in new ways. Prominent is the juxtaposition of free tonality and dissonance (Gentle Madness, Traces of Becoming).

Dusatko's works, ranging from solo and chamber to live electronic and orchestral, have been performed across Canada and in Europe including the International Guitar Festival and the Victoria International Festival of the Arts, while his compositions have received frequent national broadcasts on the CBC and been given several awards: among them -- from CAPAC on four occasions (1975, '77, '77, '81); the International Guitar Concours ('78); and most recently the International New Music Composers Competition (New York '87) for his orchestral work Traces of Becoming.


CAPAC, Canadian League of Composers

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