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David Morgan

DAVID MORGAN was born in January 1933 and died in May, 1988. Owing to family opposition to music as a career, he was about eleven years late in entering the musical profession. In 1961 he was awarded a Country Major Award, enabling him to commence his studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London studying composition with Alan Bush and orchestration with Leighton Lucas. In four years at the Academy he won ten prizes for composition and, in 1965, while still a student he became the first person to have a concert presented at the Academy consisting entirely of his own work. In the same year he was awarded a British Council Scholarship to study with Vaclav Dobias at the Academy of Music in Prague, and it was during his time there that his Violin Concerto was written and received its first performance at the Dvorák Hall.

On returning to the U.K. his only regular outlet was the Light Music Department of the BBC, a connection established by winning the Eric Coates Prize at the Royal Academy, and he wrote a series of orchestral works in this genre which have been broadcast frequently on BBC Radio since that time. However, his career really got under way with the U.K. premiere in 1974 of the Violin Concerto at the Royal Festival Hall by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir Charles Groves with Erich Gruenberg playing the solo part. The same orchestra and conductor gave the premiere of Sinfonia da Requiem at the Festival Hall the following season, and these events were followed by a succession of commissions and performances at all the main concert venues in London and elsewhere in the U.K. and on the BBC Music Programme.

After coming to live in Canada in 1981, he wrote Variations on a Theme of Walton on a U.K. commission and had considerable success with his music for symphonic band in the United States. In 1984, following the Canadian premiere of his Partita by the Kingston Symphony Orchestra, he worked with several groups from Queen's University. In 1986, both the Violin Concerto and Contrasts were broadcast on the CBC programme Off the Record. Events in 1987 included the world premiere of Interludes and Canzonas for brass quintet, Sonata for Chamber Orchestra by the CJRT Orchestra at York University, Soliloquy for solo guitar and the Canadian premiere of Concerto for Wind Orchestra.



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