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Roxanne Turcotte

Music of integration, of images and stories, or music of today mixing styles without bounds. These are the most significant words that describe my musique, which constantly modulates as fantasy dictates. A music involving the combination of different musical expressions where electroacoustics, concept and rhythm take precedence. My sources of inspiration are numerous and varied. Influences range from jazz, multiethnic or minimalist musics through dominant and often repetitive rhythms, coupled with electronic music sounds where all elements are interwoven with subtleties and nuances. The music results from the duality between the intellectual aspect of technology and musical logic, and the emotional or poetic aspect in the organisation of sounds, the spontaneity of performance and visceral rhythms. Instrumental improvisation is one of my sound materials. Interactivity allows for choices and impressions… Whether or not there is a message to convey, the music always remains dependent on moods, through means which contribute to express and transcend emotions. This omnipresent duality has an impact on my music. Humour, dreams and magic also contribute in a major way to making accessible the unapproachable side of electroacoustic music. These chilhood components give a breath of life, lasting youth, a kind of immortality and open-mindedness : a perspective on magic and imagination.

The cinematographic approach always plays an important part in musical composition. It allows the fitting together of different styles, sound effects and treatments, while at the same time making the material much more accessible thanks to the images and messages conveyed by the synopsis. Thus my musical approach is closely related to the use of a scenario, of a real or unreal image involving multimedia, or the use of a story acting as a guide for the development of the musical work. Producing a film soundtrack where the parts of sound and image have been reversed. Impressionism, fantasy literature, Magritte, Maupassant, Umberto Eco, Hitchcock, Walt Disney — because of his dreamworld of perfect illusion —, world tales and legends are all part of my multi-facetted sound universe. Instrumentation derived from new technologies as well as the cybermusical journey allow me to touch sound matter and transform it into a palpable model, or to make it travel through time as if by magic.


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