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Dale Reubart

DALE REUBART's reputation in North America rests almost entirely upon his career as a performing pianist and professor of piano at the University of British Columbia. Since his youth, however, he has also been active as a composer and, except for a period of twenty-five years when a heavy teaching and performing schedule made composition impossible, he has been quite productive. In addition to piano, during his thirty years of university teaching he instructed in twentieth century techniques, orchestration, music theory, history, pedagogy and piano literature.

Undoubtedly his most significant creative period has been since his early retirement from U.B.C. in 1986. Within the past sixteen years he has produced several extended works for orchestra, along with works for piano trio, violin and piano, cello and piano, piano duet and piano solo, including numerous pedagogical works. His style, which is essentially tonal and neoclassical, is strongly individualistic. Recent works include an orchestral suite: Moods, his Sinfonietta (chamber orchestra), a Fantasy for piano duet and orchestra, "Above the Night" for strings with piano, a Sonatine for violin and piano, Introduction and Allegro for cello and piano, Afterthoughts for piano trio, Capriccio for piano, Toccata for piano, Etudes for two pianos, Andante & Scherzo for clarinet and piano, Recitative and Dance for unaccompanied flute, Arioso for clarinet and string orchestra, Six Etudes for piano duet (intermediate level), several intermediate level pieces for ‘cello and piano, three songs for soprano, and more than eighty pedagogical pieces for piano (1994-2002), many published since 1996 ( e.g. Pantomimes, Parodies, and Kaleidoscope).

Reubart holds a D. M. A. in piano performance and has studied piano over the years with a number of luminaries including Harold Bauer, Carl Friedberg, Lillian Steuber and John Crown. He is largely self-taught as a composer, although he has had a number of mentors and colleagues who have left indelible impressions on his style and technique. Among them have been Ingolf Dahl, Halsey Stevens and Elliott Weisgarber.


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