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Lubomyr Melnyk

LUBOMYR MELNYK was born in Munich, 1948, into a Ukrainian refugee family. He lived in Winnipeg from 1950 to 1969, earned a degree in Latin and Philosophy from St. Paul's College in Winnipeg, and did postgraduate work in Philosophy at Queen's University in Kingston, 1969-70. From 1973-75, Melnyk lived in Paris. He supported himself by playing for modern dance classes, and many of the works of his Paris years were presented in conjunction with modern dance. It was there that he began to create 'continuous music' for piano.

On his return to Canada, Melnyk began to perform in art galleries and alternate spaces, as well as presenting his new 'language' for the piano in lecture-recitals throughout Canada and Europe. Since the early 70's, Melnyk has composed over 90 works, mostly for piano solo or ensemble. In order to explain the mechanism of reading the score and performing it with the proper hand motions, Melnyk wrote the treatise OPEN TIME: The Art of Continuous Music (1981) and 22 Etudes, to teach the fundamental levels of the continuous technique.

"I disavow the so-called 'avant-garde' tendencies of contemporary music, because these are far too programmatic to permit pure music to surface, and because I remain in awe of the fabric of beauty which permitted Chopin, Mozart and others to let loose a fountain of harmonic splendour with just two notes. Modality and tonality are both as modern as dissonance. Still, even though my music's structure might slide between atonality and consonance, much of the music's path is given by the very technique of continuous music, i.e., incongruent patterns in each hand. Piano technique, involving the ultimate balance between the Left and the Right. The body and instrument become the Voice, the two parts forming a harmonic choir of activity.

Of influences, I can say only this: that when we have removed all the circus and the spectacle from music, we have left one solitary dimension of absolute harmony refined and hewn to its barest and most awesome magnificence: that dimension's name is Beethoven... Too proud we are to lift our consciousness out of the mud of this century and look at the mountain behind us. Or is it still ahead of us?"

LP recordings of Lubomyr Melnyk
1) K-M-H --- music for Continuous Piano (1978) single LP
2) The LUND-St.PETRI SYMPHONY: continuous music for solo and double-paino----2-record set (1979)
3) POSLANIYE : for soprano and piano with ARRAY ensemble (viola,English Horn, violin, percussion) single lLP
4) CONCERT-REQUIEM;(piano/violin) plus -ISLANDS- for solo piano 1983-84 single LP
5) The Song of Galadriel: solo piano, 48 minutes (1983-85)'
6) LYRREST: for two violas and two pianos (1988) 96 minutes doulbe-LP set

"Melnyk's LP's titled "KMH" and "Song of Galadriel" were listed in The Village Voice in the late 80's as among the 10 records "you can't be without"....

Please note: Other recordings from 1990´s on onwards are available on SPECIAL EDITION cassettes and CD´s --- please contact composer at following email:



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